About Me

I was born in Upstate New York and have spent most of my life here.  I went to school in the area at a local university where my husband, Jacob and I met.  We've been married now for eleven years.  He's very supportive of all my endeavors including homeschooling and writing this blog. He's my go-to-guy when I need a sounding board. He's my financial backer, and he's my best friend.

My educational background is in the health field and sciences, but I quit my job at the hospital when we started our family. For a couple of years I worked as a volunteer EMT. Now I am mostly a stay-at-home mom and this school year I will be homeschooling my oldest child, Casia. I also work part-time as a fine art photographer for my own business. 

I'm the mother of two wonderful children. My youngest, Garrett is five years old and attends half-day kindergarten at our local public school. He's the happiest little boy and loves to tell a joke and make people smile.  He's my little sunshine.  He loves sports, super heroes, cars, books and games.

Casia is my oldest child and she's eight years old. Casia is sensitive, very inquisitive, extremely creative and she is one of the most interesting people I have ever met.  She approaches the world with such intensity.  She wants to learn about everything and wants to experience things for herself.  We learned a few years ago that she is profoundly gifted and we have struggled to find an appropriate academic placement since then.  After years of trying to work through the public school system with little success and much failure, we have decided to try homeschooling. 

I am writing this blog for myself; as a way to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences as we move through the year. I find writing to be a cathartic undertaking; a release so I can move on. It is also a wonderful way to document just how much we've accomplished, especially on days when I am feeling discouraged.

I am writing it for Casia, too.  Someday, she may want to read through these entries and see these experiences through my eyes. To see the delight that I see in her, when she is engaged in a topic that catches her enthusiasm.  To see from my perspective the mutual frustration we both feel when we butt heads. To know that what I do for her, I do out of love and with the best of intentions, even when I fall short.  

I am also writing this for other parents out there that may have a similar situation. Knowing that I am not alone; knowing that others have traveled this road before me and that others will follow helps to keep me grounded when I feel lost.  I hope also that it may be encouragement to others who are considering taking the road 'less traveled by'.